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Is your tile and grout in need of professional cleaning? We are here to help! Affordable rates make our top-notch services available to everyone. If you have our team on your side, you won't have to worry about dirty tiles or unsightly stains - we'll get them cleaned in no time

Professional Staff

We have recruited a staff of professional technicians with detailed knowledge and experience in resolving all your tiling issues. Our team is certified by IICRC, an organization known for its high standards when it comes to quality workmanship. We guarantee that our courtesy will be up to par as well!

Reliable Customer Service

Your restoration requests are our highest priority. Every time a request is made, we send out an inspection team to assess the damage at your location as soon as possible. Our inspection team will outline the level of work that is required as well as the equipment needed for your project. Once this occurs, we can send a fully equipped crew to get started without any delay at all! Finally, our services are available 24/7 so you won't have deal with interruptions..

Quality Services

The shine on your floors might fade over time, and household methods won't get it back. This is because the grout in tiles (and some flooring) are porous so dirt easily gets stuck inside them and can't be removed through regular cleaning techniques like mopping or scrubbing. If you want to restore their shine, you need deep clean action!

We Clean for Your Health!

If you're looking for a floor that will impress all your guests, take home marble tiles. They are not only elegant but durable as well! Marble floors have an innate ability to make people feel impressed and welcomed when they see them in the entrance of homes or inside patios where families host barbecues outside their house.

When it's time to clean your floors, make sure you hire a professional company like ours that specializes in deep cleaning. If not cleaned often enough, stone and mosaic flooring can easily become covered with muck! Germs, in particular, can spread from the bathroom next to bedrooms if you don't disinfect them regularly. Once or twice won't do: contact our team for services designed specifically at making surfaces shine again through thorough vacuuming and scrubbing of dust layers off each surface!

How Do We Perform Our Services

To truly clean your tiles and grout, hire an expert.

  • We use sophisticated equipment, tools for washing, steam control and tight-pressure rinsing to remove any dust or dirt that other cleaners can't..
  • We work hard to clean the stubborn debris from even the most difficult corners.
  • We completed the job by implementing a reinforcing adhesive, which saved our clients' buildings up to two years from mildew and staining.
  • We are experts in the care of green grout, porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles..
  • Grout ColorSealTM can help you preserve the look of your tile and grout..

When your home is cleaned, you might be concerned about whether the cleaning products are more hazardous than what they remove. This won't happen with our service! We use only healthy and safe materials for all of our main cleaners.

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Our Hassle-Free Tile And Grout Cleaning

Professional Team To Help You Out!

In addition to preserving and restoring your home's quality building materials, professional tile and grout cleaning ensures that your home is safe. Contrary to popular belief, the air inside your house may be up to a hundred times more polluted than the air outside. We need our homes to protect us from allergens, germs, and pollutants. Bacteria, dust, and pet dander can cause allergies and asthma when they build up on flooring surfaces.

Most of the time, when people have their homes cleaned, their first question is whether the company's materials and techniques are much more hazardous than what they remove. Because all of the products we use for our main cleaning are healthy and safe, you will not have this problem with our service.

Our stone, tile and grout cleaning services are designed to remove germs and grime while minimizing the appearance of dirt. We use a variety of materials including deep-cleaning extraction products in our procedures so that your home becomes healthier for you, your family, and pets over time!

Why Choose Tile and Grout Cleaning Tauranga?

We have received endorsements from real estate companies and private clients for our highly professional service. Our cleaning services are of the highest quality, so if you're not satisfied with it within 24 hours, we'll send a cleaner back to fix any issues you might be having! Providing outstanding customer service is what we aim for as well - this kind of attentive care sets us apart in the industry.

Would you like a free quote on our services? We are only a phone call away. Quality service at a reasonable price is what we guarantee, and contact us for your cleaning needs today! So don't hesitate to give us that ring or click now.

Professional Staff

We have technicians who are highly skilled, possess an IICRC certification and always ready to help.

Modern Technology

We have the most advanced equipment and machinery that can deliver results for tile and grout cleaning.

Responsive Customer Service 

Our team always works hard and finishes their projects on time. They never miss a commitment, getting everything done in no time!

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